New Applications

Full Member: Organisation

  • Complementary Health Association
  • Academy
  • Institute
  • Company
  • Practice Group


  • Constitution or Relevant Organisation Documentation
    For associations, this may be simple articles of association or a more formal constitution. It must state the name, domicile, and purpose of the Association. It must give a clear definition of the modality, including a well-defined scope of practice.
  • Code of Conduct and Ethics
    Pertinent to your modality, including disciplinary procedures.
  • Educational Policy
    An indication as to the standard of education required to enter the modality, the training curriculum and how training compares to international standards.
  • Membership List
    Please provide your current membership list in a spreadsheet format. This should also include categories of membership, i.e. whether the member is a trainer, practitioner or student. 
  • Proof of payment
    • R300 New Application Administration Fee with the balance due on confirmation of acceptance
    • Annual Membership Fees are structured to support the relative size of Associations
      1-19 Members: R750 | 20-49 Members: R950 | 50-99 Members: R1450 | More than 100 Members: R1950

Associate Member: Individual

  • Practitioner
  • Practice
  • Individual Members of Full Member Organisations may also apply at a reduced fee

Individual practitioners who do not belong to an Organisation require

  • a well-defined scope of practice
  • a code of conduct and ethics or agree to the COCHASA code
  • education certification
  • Proof of payment
    • R150 New Application Administration Fee with the balance due on confirmation of acceptance
    • R500 Annual Membership Fee

Individual Members of Full Member Organisations require

  • Proof of payment
    • R200 New Application Administration Fee
    • R250 Annual Membership Fee

Friend Member: Supporter

  • Private individual
  • Organisation, Company or Business


  • No documentation
  • No new application administration fee
  • Proof of payment
    • R350 Annual Membership Fee

Banking Details

Standard Bank
Constantia Branch 02530900
Account Number 071 726 365