The MYYO Technique is a holistic, natural way of relieving discomfort and stress in a person so that they can “Live Life Painlessly”.
The term MYYO is a combination of 2 words – ‘MYO’ (Greek for muscles) and ‘YOga’ - thus it is a manual process of relieving pain by working on, and stretching of muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (connective tissue), with yogic breathing. It was developed by Anne Combrinck from South Africa.

The MYYO Technique practitioner mainly applies pressure to specific points within muscles, combined with simple stretching and/or yoga postures, which releases trigger points and tension, alleviates pain and helps treat various ailments and body discomfort. By releasing muscles, it may also re-align spinal vertebrae, correct joint misalignments, and is useful for sports injuries, scoliosis, sprains, chronic fatigue, other stress and tension, and complaints such as headaches, neck and back pain, repetitive strain and other injuries, post-surgery and arthritis, among others.

At the initial consultation, a detailed case history is obtained, assessments of physical condition and postural alignment, range of movement and biomechanical structure are carried out - the MYYO Practitioner will then do a full body re-alignment to relieve the symptoms. The Client and Practitioner work harmoniously together during the appointment.