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A Healing Art combining East and West

Polarity is a truly holistic health system which sees ill health as a process and not as a syndrome, demanding active participation in his/her own health-building approach.

Polarity has four related aspects:

  • Bodywork
  • Polarity stretching postures
  • Cleansing diets
  • Awareness facilitation.

We need to accept responsibility for our own well-being and foster a positive mental attitude.

'It is only the Energy in Matter that makes matter seem alive. When this energy escapes, only the shell is left…..A cure constitutes reaching the life current within and re-establishing the free flow of its energy'.
Dr  R.Stone. ‘Health Building’. Chapter 1

Polarity Therapy had its beginnings in the research, insight and practical application of Dr Randolph Stone D.O., D.C., N.D., but its roots are thousands of years older and the origins of its knowledge are shrouded in the veils of time. As a youth he became interested in the healing arts, and did his degrees in osteopathy, chiropractic and the natural therapies. He felt that man was given all the healing tools needed, if only he could encourage and allow their natural functioning. Natural healing became his life-long quest and practice. To him it was more than just a medicine: it was a healing art and at a deeper level, a spiritual quest.

Health, he believed, is based on our tuning in to deeper truths and a way of life which expresses these truths.

It is the Polarity Therapist’s role to act as a facilitator, encouraging this harmonizing process, which implies that the therapist must also be working towards this same goal.